Babies: Growing Up

Last November, right after S was born, I signed up for a new moms group through Tribeca Pediatrics.  I just knew there were 5 other new moms in it.  I was stressed about that first 2 hour Wednesday 11 am session.  I was worried about bringing her in the Moby and having to get her out of it in front of people (I had never done that before).  Would they judge me when I changed her diaper?  Because I think I was doing it right but maybe there was a better technique.  It got me out of the house ever Wednesday to just chat, then for coffees and lunches after the group ended.  Now we meet up for the occasional lunch after we’ve all gone back to work.  Today was our second weekend venture.  Boy, those babies are growing!

My child is still hair challenged.

IMG_8872 (1)

IMG_0285 3


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