We Attempted the new Whitney Museum


My last official Mommy Baby day was yesterday.   What a nice day for it.  Cool and sunny, it was a perfect day.  After lunch with Dad, I figured we’d head down the High Line and hit the Whitney.  Oh, what an amateur I am.  I should have figured the new museum which just opened would be a popular place.  I needed to get tickets the day before for a specific time.  Oh well, we’ll try again.  So instead I got a water and sat in the chairs right outside the museum.  We had fun doing selfies.  Yup, no socks on the baby.

Back up the High Line with a stop for my favorite New Orleans Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle.  Baby was asleep by this point.  Rough day.

2 thoughts on “We Attempted the new Whitney Museum

  1. Hi -I’ve been dying to check out the new Whitney, especially with my two girls. Used to live in the city, now in Westchester, and just started a family travel blog. It focuses mostly on the tri- state area, if you’re interested!

    1. Just plan ahead, which is not what I did. You can get tickets for a time the night before. Always looking for family travel ideas, am following now!

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