More Noodles! Xi’ian Famous Foods

What is it with the noodles this week?  The team went to Xi’an Famous Foods for lunch, and we basically overwhelmed the place.  It’s tiny. You order, then line up along the narrow hallway to pick up your order.  The website has a warning box that pops up.  The full text is below, and I had to include because it shows how seriously they take their noodles.  Everyone got a lamb burger (is that cumin in there?) and a noodle dish.  I went with the cold buckwheat.  I ate it all.  Enough said.

Food tastes best when fresh from the kitchen. When hot noodles cool down, they get bloated, mushy, and oily. If you must take your noodles to go, please at least try the noodles in the store or right out of the to-go containers when it’s handed to you, so you can get the best possible Xi’an Famous Foods experience.

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