Noodles! Chelsea Thai

When debating our Sunday lunch options, Mark said he wanted noodles.  Sometimes you just want noodles.  So off we went to Chelsea Thai in the Chelsea Market.   It’s been years since I’ve been here, and a loooong time since I’ve ordered pad thai. For some reason I have ordered Pad Gra Pow every time we’ve done Thai…this is for years.  Also known as Thai Basil Chicken.  Baby can’t quite enjoy yet, but that doesn’t stop me from tempting her.

Ok, so I also asked how she felt about the Apple watch after lunch. She’s into it, if she can have one too.  At least this is what she told me.  Figured I may as well try on both bands.  Looks like she might be feeling the black one a little more.

It could be helpful in my step and floor counting I use on the iphone.  Yup, there was a point where I biked 50 miles.  Now I walk from the 13th to the 20th floor and let Apple log that for me.

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