Mommy & Baby Friday

Maternity leave is coming to an end!  Baby starts daycare this week with a few practice runs before I start back to work.  Of course, I pick the week of the big blizzard to work out all the logistics.  May as well try this in the worst of conditions!

But we spent our last full day together doing fun things around the city, things that we enjoyed doing during our time together.  We started out with a trip to Blue Bottle via the High Line where we saw one of our favorite baristas, Candace.

I have a list of doughnut places to try so figured I’d knock one off the list.  We headed to Dough on 19th Street.  Baby was not going to stand for mom enjoying her doughnut in the store so we brought it home. Yes, those are crumbs on the baby and boppy, oops!  Mocha almond crunch.  I still love my Doughnut Plant, but this was also really really good.  More of a dessert.

We regrouped and baby had a nap and lunch before Karma Kids for Mommy Baby yoga.

Then we had an afternoon of cleaning up, random computer work and baby naps.  A perfect way to end our time together.  Is baby happy with our day?  She’s not looking too happy in this picture, but I may have subjected her to enough of the camera by this point.  I’ve really enjoyed it, and am excited for all the adventures we’ll have together.  More doughnuts for sure!


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