Baby Yoga

I can’t say that this class is strenuous or would appeal to hard core yogis.  I haven’t done yoga in years, honestly.  But I’ve been to Karma Kids twice now, meeting up with some other new moms.  Baby does the tree pose, some twists, she flies on my shins and gets some massage.  The rest is all yoga for mom.  I keep meaning to get a picture of the baby in class but that hasn’t happened yet.

IMG_6126They just moved to a new location.  The first time I brought the stroller, which was the 2nd day in this new spot.  Now check out the picture below.  Karma Kids is on the 2nd floor.  I ended up carrying the car seat in one hand with the stroller base on my other shoulder.  Um, what a workout.  I realized everyone else just called and they came down.   Now they have a stroller valet.  Only in NY.


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