Coffee: Third Wave

IMG_6004Before I go any further, I want it to be known that I really enjoy the blueberry coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  When I was pregnant I’d really get it iced with whole milk and sugar.  Flavors like coconut macaroon?  Toasted almond? Love them.

And then I also like fancy coffee.  They call it “third wave”.  Someone carefully roasts the single origin beans, notes the location and the undertones of certain flavors…When I drink this coffee I use a splash of cream and that’s it. No sweetener needed.  Blue Bottle is my favorite one of these, but there is also Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Toby’s Estate here in New York.  They’ll do individual pour overs where they make your coffee individually, slowly pouring water over the carefully measured out grounds.  They calibrate it each morning to get the amount just right.

Well, I thought I’d try the new Toby’s in the West Village last week.  Baby and I ventured out with the stroller.  And then we arrived.  It’s a corner location with a pole right in front of the door.  I just didn’t know how we’d squeeze in there.

IMG_5962I gave up and went to Champion Coffee in the new Gansevoort Market.  It was quiet and I had plenty of space for the stroller.  Good coffee!

We tried Toby’s on Sunday with the Ergobaby.  Success!  It was really crowded inside, but the coffee was solid.


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