Our first big trip out of the city…Mom and baby traveled by train to Connecticut last Monday.  Success!  We had a very good trip and I realized I need to take advantage of anyone willing to help.  So even Ms. “I can just do it myself” gave in and had the conductor pull her bag down and put it on the platform when we arrived.  And of course, my Dad was there to do the pickup from the train station.  It was a full house with my sister, her family and her father-in-law.

My poor mom washed more dishes and picked up more glasses than anyone should have to.  And she made 3 different kinds of pumpkin breads to make everyone happy:

  1. Pumpkin with raisins and nuts:  For Jill
  2. Pumpkin with just nuts:  For Amy
  3. Pumpkin with a ridiculous amount of chocolate chips (no nuts or raisins):  For Mark

And we dug out the Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  They still smell!

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