And Baby Makes Three

It’s been awhile since my last post, but things have been busy here.  Just making a baby!  Baby S arrived on October 10th and we just adore her already.  Who knew that these would be some of my very last outings with her still inside.  These are from the weekend before…

It was a crazy morning to say the least.   After a stroll through the Chelsea galleries that Thursday and a really nice dinner at El Comedor (glad my “last meal” was tapas, always enjoy them), we took this picture.  Is that a full moon???  This was on the way home.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.



The end was a tad crazy.  After calling the doctor and doula early, I stayed at home all morning to see how it played out.  On a side note:  we loved our doula, Meredith.  I would highly recommend.  She helped us during the pregnancy and I felt like I knew what to expect and some coping.  And she gave me exercises I’m convinced help get the baby chin tucked and head down. At 9:15, Meredith arrived at our apartment. She and Mark said “Let’s go” and we got an Uber at 10:02.  Let’s say traffic from Chelsea to the Upper East Side at 10 am is…slow.  On 51st Street, Meredith jumps out, goes to the cop parked off to the side and asked if he could turn on the siren so we could follow.  We arrived at 10:50, they scooped me up in an wheel chair after contractions in the main entry of the hospital.  I think this probably scared everyone around me.  They rushed out the entrance and I got to go the back way.  Mark said he had to run to keep up with the guy.  I was checked in at 10:56.  We had no time for triage so we went straight to the delivery room and she was born 11 minutes later.

And now we have our precious little girl…

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