Miansai: Bracelets & Tea

On the weekends we like to walk down Crosby to explore the stores.  Bonobos for pants, Aether for outwear (we like outerwear in this house) and BDDW (for the really expensive living edge tables I will never be able to afford).  Then we’ll stop for his and her beverages.  Mark goes to Saturdays for coffee in the surfing/lifestyle shop and I’ll go to Miansai where they have a tea bar upfront.  We end up sitting in Miansai because the bench is better.  And that lets me peruse the store, of course.  Who needs surfing stuff in NY anyway?


My girlfriends got me a Miansai bracelet for my birthday. They are nautical inspired with hooks and anchors, with leather, rope and metal options.  I’ve been eyeing a few more things in there.  And I get so many compliments on my bracelet!




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