World Trade Center Memorial

I wanted to see something “new” today, so we went downtown to check out Hudson Eats, the new food at Brookfield Place. I think this used to go by the name World Financial Center.  In addition to the restaurants, they are building out the high end retail so it should become a shopping and eating destination.  I’m pretty sure the French marketplace (along the lines of Eataly) is opening down here as well.  We had BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s, after deciding if we want to get Blackseed Bagels we would do that at the original in Nolita.

Then we were so close to the new Freedom Tower, we decided we had to walk across the street to the memorial with the fountains and pools.  It’s really worth the visit.  You forgot what a footprint the 2 buildings had.  In the picture showing the square, the tourists are around the edge at the top.  We walked around Wall Street, then headed home.  All a bit spontaneous, but it was good to see the city.

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