South Indian for Lunch

Wow, I’ve been MIA!   Well, moving on to July then…

Apparently I was the only one on the team that has not gone to the South India place for lunch with Ravi.  So the 2 of us went on Thursday.  I was convinced to get the traditional breakfast meal.  If I’m going to do this, going to do it right, of course.  We started with some fried items, then a full plate of more items.  I’ve had a hard time with Indian since my Mumbai trip, oh, 3 years ago.  But this is a completely different style so was fine.  The crispy shell you see was filled with a potato mixture.  I was kind of curious if I made good progress compared to the rest of the team in terms of how much I was able to eat.  Only 1 person was able to finish it all.  But I think I came pretty close.  I didn’t eat the banana, though.


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