Cocktails & Buvette

We love love love Buvette on Grove Street.  It’s french, small plates. It’s not fancy or pretentious, it’s meant to be shared, sopping up all the good juice with the bread.  We discovered Whispering Angel (rose) here and then ordered a case.  Have never been disappointed.  We started off with cocktails at Employees Only, where going at 7:45 means you are early enough not to have to have a reservation just to get a drink.  The bartender made me a special cocktail…well, two. The first was the “refreshing” one with cucumber, mint, grapefruit flavors and the 2nd strawberry inspired.  Then we wandered and ended up on Bleeker.  We looked down Grove and looked at each other…”let’s see how long the wait is”.  Not too long but long enough for Mark to pose on the bike out front.

IMG_4565 IMG_4563

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