Berkley for the Afternoon

Last Thursday, we ventured into Berkley for a bit before meeting up with friends at their house for dinner. On a side note, we had Zachary’s pizza, which is deep dish with really fresh ingredients…and I love it.  But that afternoon we stopped by the North Berkley Farmer’s Market, which we discovered last year.  The fruit is to die for.  Started with an apricot, then a white nectarine and finished with a pint of strawberries.  Then a stop at a wine store (the converted pumping plant, below) for a rose.

The flowers are from J & M’s backyard.

I also discovered a new iced tea that is sweet without any added sugar:  Good Earth Sweet & Spicy.  Funny, but it was the same tea I had every morning at M’s parents house.  Made myself some this past weekend.

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