Plated: Super Simple Way to Make Dinner

Mark had an offer for 2 meals from Plated for a great price.  The service lets you pick recipes from that week’s menu, then sends you a box with all of the ingredients to make the meal.  Super easy way to feel like you cooked at home.  The menu changes weekly.  I can’t say these are low cal, but they were tasty.


Monday night was shrimp pad thai.  What I learned from this was that pad thai is really not that hard to make once you have some of the basic sauces.


IMG_3504 IMG_3510 IMG_3507And then on Tuesday night we made Chicken Pot Pie.  In New York, it’s pretty easy to run out and get pad thai for a great price (especially in our neighborhood).  The pot pie was easy because you just used a pie crust and cut out circles for the top of the chicken filling.  Both meals were ready in about 30-45 minutes.

IMG_3514 IMG_3519


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