The Longest Flight in the World

Singapore to Newark.  This is the longest flight in the world and this is the last month it’s in service.  Check out this article here that was posted right before my flight back.  All business class and 19 hours.  How do you even mentally prepare for this flight?  The goal was to sleep right after boarding at 10 am Saturday (well, after my meal), and then stay up so that when I arrived in Newark Saturday at 6 pm, I’d have dinner and go to bed.  The time difference is 12 hours.

When the guy next to me asked for a picture, you can bet I seized that opportunity to get one, too!

IMG_3106 IMG_3099Singapore Airlines…it’s great.  I loved the fact that the stewardesses wore different color dresses according to their role/position.  And they were all gorgeous. And looked gorgeous throughout the flight.  Me, I started to get bed head and wrinkles.  I ended up watching about 4 movies and 2 Mad Men episodes.  And I managed to eat 2 meals and some snacks.  I ate the bread, the starter, more bread, the salad, the main dish and dessert.  Twice.




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