Last Stop: Singapore

My updates on my trip have taken 2 weeks, apologies to those who want more coffee and cookie pics.  I do need to wrap up this weekend because I need to move on to the holiday season. My absolute favorite time of year.  So let’s finish with Singapore.  It’s new, it’s clean, and I liked the food.  I really had to look at a map to understand exactly where I was.   It was on the warmer side and everyone kept asking if I thought it was hot.  Hot? Have you ever been waiting for the N/R/Q in Herald Square in the summer when the sweat is dripping down your legs?  When the city just holds in the heat?

I had to have the famous Chili Crabs, which come in a spicy sauce.  You just dig right in there, and sop up the sauce with these little buns.  Delicious.  Rama made sure we had the drunken prawns, heads on.  They drown them in alcohol then light it on fire to cook them.  And for lunch we had Vietnamese and Thai.  I loved the food because there was just about everything as an option.  The office is great, too, because everyone brings back sweets from their travels.  Which means great middle eastern treats.

The buildings and skyline are great and you get a great view over the water.

Of course I sampled two local specialties.  One of my meetings with two of the managers was at a little coffee shop nearby.  We had little coffees that are really strong and made with condensed milk.  It was like a dessert.

IMG_3015 IMG_3019And then there was Durian.  I’ve heard much about this fruit.  You love it or hate it.  And it smells terrible.  You aren’t allowed to bring it on the subway because of the smell.  No transporting this via an airport either.  It’s banned (someone in the office tried it, they thought there was a gas leak and it didn’t end well).  I couldn’t get my hands on the fruit, but when we did shakes for the team meeting on Friday afternoon I put in an order for a Durian milkshake – medium strength.  “Light” seemed wimpy and I wasn’t sure about “Strong”.  I was a fan.

IMG_3051 IMG_3050

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