Hong Kong: Egg Custard at Tai Cheong Bakery


Of course I had to fit in some Hong Kong treats between sales visits.  The sales rep was great, she really felt like I needed to eat a few things before she dropped me off at the next client.  So we ran by Tai Cheong Bakery to try the egg custard tart (this is after Dim Sum for lunch).  They evolved from a Portuguese tart pastry that made its way to Hong Kong via the Portuguese colony of Macau.  It is a crust filled with a very eggy custard.

And then one more stop for Milk Tea.

IMG_3142 IMG_3148

Before I left, the office placed a group order for Bubble Tea and I had one of those, too.  Yes, I was on a mission to basically sample everything.  There is something about those balls at the bottom that I like.  I can’t describe what exactly it is, either.  My last trip was to Juicy Cube near the office in New York.

IMG_2965 IMG_2967


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