Hong Kong Lantau Island: Big Buddha & Tai O

With a weekend in Hong Kong, it was only natural that I’d play tourista!   I did some prep work and found a helpful website that I could access on my loaner blackberry (don’t even get me started on how much I hate the BB web browsing experience).  Ferreting Out the Fun provided a great overview of what to do on the island and was easy to access on my device.

The cable car departs from a shopping area (everything in Hong Kong is a shopping area now).   My tips would be to get there at the open because there is virtually no line.  No need to pay extra for the glass bottomed car. There is enough to see through the regular windows.  The ride is actually quite long with some nice views…

Then up to the Big Buddha and the Monastery.   Again, the key was getting here early.   You arrive in another little shopping area, and then head up to the Buddha.   I should have known there would be a Starbucks here, so didn’t need to buy something at the train station to eat when I was starving.

I never miss an opportunity to eat something new, so stopped at the Vegetarian place to grab something.  Honestly, I had no idea what anything was and you never know what is going to be inside one of these little balls.   This was pretty tasty, though.

IMG_2673I came all the way out there, so was determined to also visit the Tai O fishing village on the other side of the island.  I asked the concierge at the hotel how to get here from the Buddha, but then left his bus directions on the counter at the train station.  But I found the buses actually pretty easy to use as they were very well signed.  And, well, the tourists lining up gave me a clue.

On arrival, I was gave in to the Pink Dolphin ride.  For about $4, why not?  Granted, while speeding out on this little boat, I was mentally preparing for the worst case scenario and thinking that I could probably swim to shore.   The rest of the boat, not so sure.   And I DID see this pink dolphin!  I’m sure the boats harass this pore animal to no end.

And then on to the working fishing village.  They fish and then they dry EVERYTHING.   I wandered down the streets, and then out to the Heritage Hotel, snapping lots of pictures along the way.  These are drying fish eggs.


I was starving at this point.  When we were on the Dolphin Boat, I saw some tourists out on a back porch and knew this must be the Solo Cafe mentioned in Ferreting out the Fun.  So tracked it down and went out back for some noodles.   And a beer, because if you haven’t noticed I like the Asian beers.   And I am afraid of the water.   I chatted with my waitress a little and she gave me a very nice postcard as a souvenir.

After lunch I walked up to the Heritage Hotel to check out the view.  This is where I saw the orange eggs, and more drying things.

And then I headed back, with a stop at the outlets at the base of the cable cars.   I got a great deal on a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress….and then back something a little more city slicker for the evening.  More to come!

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