3 Days in Tokyo

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post…because I’ve been doing the grand tour of Asia for work.  I had a fantastic opportunity to visit our offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.   They days were busy busy busy, but you know me.  I managed to fit in site before and after work.  And ate along the way.    And of course I documented it for my loyal followers.

I left Saturday night and arrived very late Sunday night.   The goal was to time it so I would go to bed when I arrived in Tokyo at 11 pm.  Whatever I did worked, because I didn’t really suffer from jet lag.  The plane menu let me know how it would be in Japan.  Lots of Japanese, none of which I know.  I ended my meal with a hot fudge sundae.  At this rate, I knew it was going to eat just about everything during the 2 weeks so there was no holding back.



Lots of the buildings have retail and restaurants at the base, and the all connect underground.  Even my hotel was the same, the lobby was on the 7th floor and there were underground restaurants, food courts, shopping.  When the typhoon came, I tried to leverage this and stay dry.  This didn’t work out so well as I got lost in the maze and couldn’t make my way to the work building.  I ended up back outside in the pouring rain.

The hotel, my view from the hotel, and the very complicated toilet in the hotel room.  Of course I went for the heated seat!

My company sent me an office guide to each location, so the directions to the office were very clear.  Yes, I used it to walk the 4 blocks to the office on the first day.


So got an early start Monday before work with a walk to the Imperial Garden.  The streets are immaculate and no one jaywalks.  This is a little hard for a die hard New Yorker.   So I made sure to stand at the designated spot at the crosswalk.  Oh, and I got a lot of compliments on these shoes throughout my trip (Aerosoles, who would have thought!).   I may be traveling, but I don’t leave my commuter shoes behind.  They came with me to and from the office each day.

IMG_2455 IMG_2440

Some early morning sights not far from the office.  I wasn’t the only one walking around at 7 am.   This is the main palace of the Emperor of Japan, but is closed to the public.  The grounds around it are open for walking.



And off to work!

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