Flushing, Finally: Biang!

Biang! Biang!  That’s the sound of the handmade noodles hitting the counter as the person stretches the noodle dough.  And it’s where we went Friday night for Kelly’s birthday.  Flushing, Queens.  The really “chinatown” of New York.  It’s my first time out there, and as I came up from the subway I wondered if I was in China.

For a group of 15, it was a great place to go.  Lots of skewers, and buns, and dumplings and noodles served family style.  The noodles must have been good because I had so many juice spots all over my dress from slurping the endless noodles.  It was a noodle that went on and on forever.  I’ll admit, you may need a stomach of steel to handle the extreme spice and variety of flavors.  But I’m tough like that.  Bring it on!   I’m determined to go back, and looking for a tour guide.

IMG_2405 IMG_2407 IMG_2408


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