Corolla Doughnuts…and Desserts

The last day of Labor Day weekend, so going to finish up the summer with a beach post.

Did you think I’d go a week without eating a doughnut?  It was vacation, and of course I was going to indulge.  I just followed it up with some Bran Buds for some semblance of a healthy breakfast.  Mark and I found the Northern Lights Bakery near the Currituck Lighthouse…the 2nd trip we brought back 18 for the crowd.

IMG_2109 IMG_2107 IMG_2105 IMG_2180

And then we followed it up with Dunkin Donuts another day.  Chocolate Coconut…



Brownies and sangria poolside one afternoon.  Boy, those went fast!  Our last bit of baking was making the cookie mix we brought.  The adults ate all of these.  Really, we didn’t share any with the kids.

IMG_2320 IMG_5788

2 thoughts on “Corolla Doughnuts…and Desserts

  1. Have you ever been to Block Island? You should go just for Payne’s Donuts. They are ridiculously simple, but when they are hot and crunchy… They are UNBELIEVABLE.

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