Corolla Surfing

Before I want on vacation, my mom specifically said “No surfing, Jill.  And be careful of sharks”.   I couldn’t resist though.  Thanks to Rodney for holding the surf board for all the kids and Kate and I.  And thank you Kate for being photographer again!  And let’s not forget the observers from the beach.

As I was laying on the board, waiting for the wave, I’m thinking “How am I possibly going to get my upper buddy lifted off this board”.  Needless to say, I instantly thought that I needed to work on my arm muscles.  Even thinking about getting one foot back and both pointed out, and not forward?  Impossible.  It was all about just getting up.  And then falling right over into the water.

I am going to be honest, I’m quite proud of myself here!

DSC_0555_1 DSC_0550_1 DSC_0549



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