London! I’m a Tourist Version


I was in London last week for work, and I can’t say that being somewhere for work is like being there as a tourist.  There is still work and meetings.  But at the end of the week, I finished up and found Jane.  Jane and I have known each other for years at this point, and she’s now living in London with her husband.  Oh, GE brings good things to life and brings people together.  We both met our other halves at GE!  It was a lovely start to the day with a proper English Breakfast, a peak into the garden behind her apartment and a little bit of sun peaking through the clouds.  Friday night we hung out with her neighbors at a BBQ on their porch.

Jane was kind enough to play tour guide and we spend Saturday before my flight exploring the parks, the sights and some nice food.  We walked from Jane’s in Shepherd’s Bush all the way to Buckingham Palace, via Holland Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James Park.  I’m going to admit, I posed for pictures everywhere.

More to come, I don’t want to put everything in one post!

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