Brownies. Homemade Chewy Goodness.


I finally made a recipe from my Cooks Illustrated magazine.  And of course it was brownies!   They were trying to achieve the chewiness of the box mixes (Ghiradelli), which is a 28%/72% saturated to unsaturated fat ratio.  Most homemade recipes are more like 64%/36% saturated to unsaturated fat.  I meant to do a side by side but the box mix got made a few weeks ago (ooops!).

Two kinds of chocolate into the mix…

IMG_5523 IMG_5526


And then stirring and then baking…Yes, I even did the foil exactly like they said.



IMG_5529Done!  I ate a good quarter of the pan.  Alone, and with ice cream in a sundae form.  I think they actually got better the next day.  The larger chocolate pieces were nice in the bars.  Very chewy.  Though I will say my mom’s box ones are equally as good.  I don’t know, I’m just a sucker for brownies!




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