Napa: Sticky Buns, Wine, Sun and Oxbow Market

So catching up from a week in California…I can’t help but look back and think what a great getaway it was.  I highly recommend a full week off every now and then.

So a quick spin through our day in Napa.  Of course we had to start the day with something yummy.  And I’m on vacation, so why not make that a sticky bun?


Then off to some vineyards with a stop at the Yountville Deli in between.


At the first (above) and then 2nd (below).  We chatted with a nice couple from Washington DC at Miner.

IMG_1336Then we headed back towards Napa and stopped at the Oxbow Market.  It reminds me of Chelsea Market and the Ferry Building.  Food stalls, places to eat…

IMG_5501 IMG_5498And there was an outpost of Kara’s cupcakes.  I told Mark the Magnolia Bakery Hummingbird Cake was really good, that the mini here was probably tasty. So he took my advice.  The set up looks a lot like Sprinkles.  I’ve sampled Kara’s in Walnut Creek on previous trips.  So cute, nice clean store.  Hard to resist, even if I can get tired of cupcakes.

IMG_5510 IMG_5509And did I mention how nice the weather was??


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