TGIF. Arepas Cafe!

It’s the Friday before I jet off to California tomorrow.  Friends, family, reduced ironman training (I’m committing to 3 sessions only)…it will be nice.  Started the weekend with a trip to Arepas Cafe in Queens to meet up with Kelly and Michael.  The common connection is Team in Training, and Michael and I were co-captains of the Bloomberg team.  I’ve been here a few times with my work team.  Started with the cachapa, which has a sweeter corn outside, then moved on to my Mami of Venezuelan pork, avocado and white cheese.


White Sangria and the magic green sauce.  Kelly told me that the green sauce in the squirt bottle is well known in all Venezuelan places.  It’s delicious and I can put it on anything.  I first had it at Venezuelan Beach Food in Norwalk, CT.  That was the tag line under the actual name, but that’s what stuck.


And now I’m home, I’m packing, and I’m ready to fly west!

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