Bee’s Knees Cake Cups


There was a sign for Bee’s Knees up for a bit, so I was always curious when it would open.  It’s on a little street on W 10th St. off Greenwich Ave in Chelsea.  And finally, walking by last month I saw the paper in the window was down.  We had top pop in!


We talked with Marco, one of the owners.  Apparently they did these little cups in engraved glasses for weddings and decided to open a store front.  They serve the cups and Gorilla coffee in a nice little spot.  Loved the communal table and window seats.  They were giving free samples so who was I to say “no”?  I had the Carrot Cake and thought it was awesome.  Moist cake (unlike so many cupcakes) and the right mix of frosting.  Mark tried two others, Red Velvet and Honey Bourbon.  He wasn’t as sold as I was, but I think it was his flavor choice.


Marco told us ee cummings lived upstairs so it’s a historical building and they need all kinds of permits to work on the front door.  While we were standing there, just eating and chatting, Glenn Close walked on by.

Check them out here.


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