Holiday Sweets


Last day of 2012 and finishing off the year with a bang dessert wise.  Let’s just say it’s been hard to hold back.  Mom’s Christmas Cookies for breakfast?  Sure!  Munson’s chocolates at 11 am?  Why not!

There are a few desserts that are here every Christmas.  We’ve had our fair share of stories around these…I think the pie didn’t quite make it into the refrigerator one year (landed on the floor) and we’ve used some really nice whiskey for mom’s Whiskey Cake.


The Chocolate Pie:  homemade chocolate pie, always made Christmas Eve.  And I’m the official chocolate melter.  It’s a perfectly timed mixing of ingredients to make one darn good chocolate pie.


And then there is the Whiskey Cake.  It’s always made right after Thanksgiving, with plenty of time to sit and let the flavors enhance.  It’s a dense cake, with nuts and raisins, and the faint flavor of whiskey.  This has been made for years and years and years.


Another great holiday season in NYC and with the family.  I know I post quite a bit about food.  I enjoy the experience, I love trying new things.  And I just like taking pictures of it.


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