CrossFit! Crazy Sneakers!

I decided I needed to mix up my workout routine a bit.  With the hurricane, maybe I should clarify that and say “I just need to work out”.  Chelsea Piers was hit hard and is closed until December 1.  And well, I’m not alone in seeking out comfort food during Sandy (see this NY Times article about the Sandy Five).

Before the storm, I took an intro class at CrossFit NYC.  Let me just say, those 15 minutes were….exhausting.  Squats, throwing a medicine ball, burpees, sit ups.  And I was sore.  So I committed to the Elements classes to learn the technique.  And I’ll likely continue through December while my CP membership is on hold.  But everyone at Cross Fit had minimalist sneakers.  So I had to have some, too, so I am appropriately dressed and look the part, of course.

These are care of, 25% off (they ALWAYS run sales).


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