Sandy, Glad You are Gone

Oh, Sandy.  Sandy Sandy Sandy.  Only one post to sum up last week, it’s time to move on for us.  But not the poor folks still without power.

Sunday Morning at Trader Joes: Clearly, everyone is just going to eat Chocolate Chip Dunkers for days.

Worked from home on Monday, but we still needed coffee.  Stone Street was the only open place.  The owner and his cousin live upstairs.  Best find:  The back is a Speakeasy with a mixologist and cocktails behind the wall!  We’ll be back sometime for BathTub Gin.

Monday Morning: Stone Street on 9th Ave.

We started Monday night pre-storm popping open a bottle of champagne that’s been in our refrigerator 2 years (Amy’s wedding!).  We were only going to drink a glass, but ended up drinking the entire bottle.  Then the lights went out….

Monday Night: Thanks, Amy!
Tuesday Morning: Mark leading the way to the West Village, en route to Rachel’s for a shower (cold one!).
Tuesday Morning: The parking garage at the base of Rachel’s building. Oh no! Yup, that’s a car back there.
Tuesday at Rachel’s: Horatio and West Side Highway. The water was up to the grey line on the building.
Tuesday Morning: A new restaurant under construction unveiled early!
Tuesday Morning: Yes, we had to walk by here, too. 8th Ave and 14th Street was the new Times Square, there were so man people taking pictures!

And then it settled in…days without power or water.  A big thanks to N & C who provided a warm shower and TV multiple times.

The Line oF Empowerment: You can see where the line is. Left side is 31st Street. Right side is 30th Street. Living on the wrong side, that’s for sure.

Lessons learned:

1.  Wash the dishes after dinner when you think the lights are going to go out.

2.  Water does run, but not if you are above the 6th floor.  The pressure from the water coming from upstate doesn’t have THAT much pressure to reach the 6th floor.

3.  Flashlights.  Thank you, Daddy, for the ones you’ve given in my stocking!  They came in handy!

4.  Bed Head is perfectly acceptable in situations like this.  Distract with a brightly covered scarf when dressing for work.

5.  Have friends who live in different areas of the city to cover all bases.  And thank you to everyone who provided a towel!

6.  Power is precious.  It’s a huge stress to manage the power on your cell, when you need to make calls to check in, but don’t know when the next charge is.

7.  People are friendly. And they behave in New York City at night.

And my big lesson is that many people have it a whole lot harder than I do.  Wondering where you are going to bath, where the next meal is, where you can sleep, where do you go when it’s cold. It’s mentally exhausting.  Then to have children and think about all that.  I have a new respect and concern for people in these situations every day, all year.  Be thankful for what you have and give back.

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