Li-Lac Chocolates

Li-Lac reminds me of Munson’s in Connecticut.  A small, local chocolate store.  The kind you walk into and it’s smells woooonderfullll.  Like a big piece of chocolate.

I had an expiring Google Offers so we had to put it to use.  $20 is a nice amount to spend on some chocolates.   My pick was the Marzipan log and the dark chocolate with almonds.  Somehow this made me feel like it was the “healthy” chocolate choice.  Mark picked the chocolate covered oreos, some chocolate covered grahams, and we both landed on the rum and toffee rolls.

Li-Lac has been in the West Village since 1923.  And the founder was Greek, who knew!  We’ve actually never been into the 8th Avenue store, but have frequented the Grand Central spot quite a bit.

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