The Chobani Store: Soho

Checked out the new Chobani retail store in Soho.  I imagine it’s part of a marketing campaign, but don’t a lot of people know about greek yogurt at this point?  Mark went when I was in the OBX and reported back that is was quite good.

So we had to venture back for me.  I saw the fig, walnut and honey option and knew that was it.  They have sweet and savory options (see the menu below).  You give the order to the Chobani girl and she types it into her iphone.  The Chobani makers in the back assemble and it’s ready in a matter of minutes.  It comes in a cute little glass container with a little cloth covering.

And it was really really good.  I think because they use more honey than I typically do.  And they don’t skimp on the good stuff.  I’d be up for trying the Blueberry + Power one next.   Yes, we’ll likely be back.   We discussed greek yogurt at the beach and the crowd definitely liked Chobani better.  I was on a Trader Joe’s brand kick until Mark picked up Fage for me when I missed the grocery trip.  And it was oh, so creamy!  And that’s when I decided the real brand might be better than the store brand.   But Kirkland can hold its own.


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