NYC Hot Dogs: Dirty Water and Gray’s Papaya

After a very serious discussion about hot dogs, I told Ryan (one of our summer interns) that we would have to try a dirty water dog in NYC.  That’s the street name for the hot dog at one of the vendor carts.  You know, the ones they leave hanging out in the water until someone like me comes along and wants one?  Note:  I read the water is spot tested to make sure it’s at a certain temperature.  First stop, though, Gray’s Papaya on the UWS.  We had just watched an old No Reservations and this is where Anthony went.
It was good, what can I say?  Rachel even caved and got one with us.  But you can’t do a hot dog tasting without hitting up the street cart.  So on to #2, yes, a second one.
It was…equally as good!!  Honestly, it was hard to tell the difference. I think I liked the bun a little better at Gray’s.  There is a guilty pleasure about eating 2 hot dogs for lunch.

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