Summer Reading: Gone Girl

It’s summer.  That means it’s time for summer reading.  I put down Anna Karenina (started that last January) and decided to go for page turners the next few months.  And I’m putting down the magazines.  We get a ridiculous number:  The Economist, New Yorker, NY Mag, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Elle, Outside, Details, Wired, Afar,  In Style, GQ and the Robb Report.  Needless to say, we’ve cashed in quite a few random airline miles.

It makes me stressed seeing the list since I’m a type A magazine reader and like to read all articles.  The weeklies are killing me.  But I’m just saying “no” and am going to choice just an article or 2, and try and get through some books.

Last weekend, knocked out Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on the train from Boston to New York.  I had seen it advertised (in the New Yorker).  I’d like to think it’s a smart page turner.

And Reese’s company bought the movie rights.  Interested in seeing how it turns out.

Check it out on Amazon here.

From the WSJ article on Friday July 20th:

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