Sunday Sandwich: Despana on Broome Street

Another weekend day, another sandwich.  We love Despana, having discovered it awhile ago.   We used to get the chorizo (so good) and then expanded to the sandwiches in the little spot in the back.  Just order and grab a table.  We shared the Picante with picante chorizo, mahon cheese, piparra peppers, tomato, alioli…then pressed!

If you can’t wait for your sandwich, there is plenty of opportunity to graze and sample Spanish meats, cheeses and canned items.   It reminds me of Feast in Charlottesville, where I could have a mini meal before lunch.  Despana just offers more interesting options.  I’ve heard great things about canned Spanish items from Anthony Bourdain on his No Reservations Spain episode.

I love things like this, call me crazy.  M wouldn’t try this, or the canned tuna.

Or get some of hand carved prosciutto…no samples here, it’s too expensive!


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