Tortaria Sandwiches, Yum!


It was our first open water swim practice for Team in Training.  Got on the subway at 6 am yesterday and headed out to Coney Island. It was a really nice morning, the water was just cold!  But made it through the 45 minutes of swimming.  A quick run on the board walk and headed home.  Unfortunately suffered the same “injury” as last year.  The skin on my chest was rubbed raw by the zipper on my shirt in the salty water.  Darn it, I’ll never learn!

Was just plain starving when I got home, so we headed to Tortaria for tortas, a Mexican style sandwich.  We had the pulled pork with avocado, Chihuahua cheese, summer cilantro, and roasted peppers.  And a bag of chips and guacamole.  It totally hit the spot, though the guac was a little spicy, even for us!

Tortaria:  94 University Place, NY NY

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