Giving it a Try: Finnish Ruis Bread

I’ve never bought any of the food products at the Union Square Greenmarket.  Always a time for the first time.  I gave in to the Finnish Ruis bread.  It’s 100% whole grain rye, and in the shape of the Thomas’ flat breads. But these are much tastier.  I bought the 4 pack and had one toasted for breakfast last weekend.  With some Earth Balance.  Hearty, nice rye taste (I’m a fan of rye and pumperknickel, and most dark breads), with a slight sourdough tang.

I brought the rest to work and at with a schmear of cream cheese all week.

I can see this as a substitute for the bread on my sandwich (5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 160 calories a round).

The rounds are made by Nordic Breads, right here in Long Island City.  And you can find them at the New Amsterdam market, too!

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