Mile End. Darn Tasty Sandwich

If it isn’t obvious, we read about food and then go out to taste it.  This has also been on a Foursquare list for about a month.  I read about the standing tables (keeps people moving) and the fact that it runs right through the middle of the shop.  Who wants to look at the wall while they eat?

Mark had the Meat Sandwich, piles of smoked meat between rye.  I had the lamb sausage, with eggplant, slaw and some crispy onions on top.  And we shared the sides that came with Mark’s.  Oh, those pickles with dill were just so good!

This was a well deserved lunch.  I put in a solid 2 hour bike ride Saturday morning in Central Park and was just plain starving by noon.

One thought on “Mile End. Darn Tasty Sandwich

  1. I read about this place! I heard he is thinking about stools. You would have loved the places in cape may we went to this weekend.

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