Foragers from Brooklyn

There has been an empty space on 8th Avenue in the 20s for awhile.  It’s rotated through art installations and just being empty.  Foragers, a grocer from Brooklyn, finally gook the space. Now there is a wine story, little grocery with fresh and local items, and a restaurant.

I was a bit under the weather Thursday and Friday (more like flat out and not moving on Friday), but took a little walk because after being inside for 24 hours I needed fresh air.  Down to Forager’s for M to get something to eat.  Now I want to feel well enough to try it out.  They have Sigmund’s pretzels and Dough doughnuts at the coffee bar.  Lots of different chocolate bars.  And a  prepared food section like Whole Foods.  M had the roast chicken, and decided while good, it wasn’t Chirping Chicken.

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