I had a request for a trip to Chinatown from CM, in town for 2 weeks for work and a free weekend in between.  Since I only know a noodle place, that’s where we headed to after a walk on the High Line.  You may remember my trip to Lam Zhou Hand Pulled Noodles last year.  Back again, for dumplings and noodle soup.  This time I did not get the beef brisket (unidentifiable meat), but went for the fish balls.  Ok, I know, you’d think I’d go for something safe.  But I like gefilte fish, and this seemed like it could be like that.

Still unsure of the paying protocol.  I think you pretty much just go to the back of the restaurant where the guy tallies up the bowls and plates in his head and you hand over cash.  I’m not sure a tip is even necessary.

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