Artisanal Brooklyn: Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen

I got my NY Magazine this week and I laughed at the cover: Artisanal Brooklyn.  It’s so so true.  Everything has been pickled, dried, batched, small batched, refined…there is nothing left.

Smorgasburg is a great opportunity to sample a few of the items (yes, they are generous with the samples).  We gave in and bought the Preserved Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen.

We figured it would be a great addition to our seltzer water (and it was!).  Tyler and Kari Morris are the brother and sister team behind the syrup.  Other options are lemon and an apple one in the fall.

As the website points out, it’s small batches made in Brooklyn.  The labels are letter pressed and hand stamped (of course, they are!).

Morris Kitchen:

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