Blue Bottle. Spring. Bronx Zoo. Tacos. Rose. Ice Cream.

That about sums up our Saturday.  It was a little bit of everything as we explored the city.  First up was Blue Bottle for our coffee.  This is the one coffee I don’t need to even put sugar in, just some cream. It’s that tasty and smooth.

And we had a taste of spring on the way back.

Next up to the Bronx for a tour of the zoo.  Yes, more Google Offers to use before they expire.  I haven’t been here since I was about 10.  I think the Bronx has changed quite a bit.  We took the subway up there and then walked the 4 blocks to the zoo.  I’m not sure you could do that in 1985.  It was fun to see the animals – the tigers and gorillas weren’t out, though.

A soft pretzel got us through the animals, but it was time for a proper lunch.  To Soho we go.  This is our 2nd time at Tacombi, a taco place in a garage type space.  The tacos are on corn tortillas (like I loved in Austin) and each one is just really good.  Very casual place.  We walked around, then walked home via Whole Foods for some Ice Cream and bacon for dinner.

Back home to rest the feet, then back out on foot to Chelsea Market for vegetables for our salad for dinner.  And we picked up a bottle of Rose on the way home.  The salesperson suggested we sample the one that they had open that was very similar.   It was our favorite from last year, Whispering Angel.  Then we enjoyed our pint of Ben & Jerry’s s’mores.  Random day, but typical for a Saturday for us!

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