Apple of My Eye

It’s Apple all the time right now.  I just finished the Jobs book.  I conduct everything electronic on an Apple device:  my laptop, iPad 1, iPhone 4s (the Touch, Mini, Shuffle – version way back when! and newer Shuffle around in my apartment somewhere).  I can’t get enough.

We are holding out on the new iPad until there is more clarity on the case.  I know, can you tell I live with someone who takes this very very seriously?  But I couldn’t help but walk by the 5th Avenue store in New York on Friday morning.  What a scene, and this is before 7 am (yes, we start early).  Back in 2010, we got our coffee and watched the release of the 1st one.

I had to include this picture from last year.  Sad Apple Day when Jobs died.  The stores’ windows here were covered with sticky notes.

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