The Cake Pop: Stick& Pop in Chelsea

Sometimes you just have to give in to temptation.  I’ve watched  a little space on 19th under construction, all the way through to the opening of a bright, clean store.  The name on the outside Stick&Pop led me to believe it was a sweet treat.  Yup!

I noticed they’ve been open a few weeks now and tonight was the night I went in to get us 2 pops to try.  Honestly, it was hard to decide!  I ended up with the Griswald (for him) – imagine s’mores on a pop.  I took the Moonpop – vanilla cream cheese cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in Oreos.  According to the Stick& Pop site, it’s baked cake (a dense cake), blended with a filler, like marshmallow or peanut butter.

I’ve seen these at Starbucks and recipes on line.  It’s taken me awhile to give in.  And I have to admit they are delicious.  Moist inside with a really tasty outer shell.  These would make great favors or treats for a party.

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