Blue Bottle: The Chelsea Version


The NYT reported on the opening of the new Blue Bottle coffee location last week.  And we both read it.  And knew we’d be going this weekend.    We were the very first official customers in their new spot.  They open at 8 am, and well, after our 15 block walk, were there around 8 am.  It was such an honor.

I’ve had the New Orleans style iced coffee at their stand on the High Line (it tastes like melted coffee ice cream!), and first encountered in in San Francisco.  It’s pour over drip coffee, where they make each serving to order after grinding the beans.  The new spot is on 15th Street, across from Chelsea market. It’s got great windows with standing bars right in front.

And the inside with the baristas.  We tried the olive oil shortbread while there.  Also delicious.  We did the blend versus the single origin (I’m not sure my coffee palate is refined enough for a $4 cup of coffee).  With it being President’s Day tomorrow, we might make another trip on Monday.  It’s a treat to have an extra day to try another coffee spot (or hit our regular, Joe).

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