Panettone: Cioccolato

Yes, it’s February.  And I’m finally getting to panettone postings.  The truth of the matter is, we didn’t get any panettone this year at Christmas!  I was slightly bummed by that and was eyeing the few chocolate ones at Eataly 2 weeks ago.  But we hit the jackpot last weekend, Eataly had a buy 3 for 1!  At the lowest price.  And since they average $26, we had to give in.  Now, I’ll admit, that I do love this stuff when it’s actually Christmas time.  But it’s great in February.  Toasted with butter.

This was the version that comes with the powdered sugar that you throw in the bag with the cake and shake.  This cake was studded with chocolate chips.  We sprinkled on individual pieces.  It was the Bistefani brand and pretty good.

But we have two more and I’m pretty sure we’ll be digging into another this weekend.  Especially if it’s cold out…I’ll be inside with a big hunk of toasted panettone.

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