Birthdays!  They do come every year, don’t they?  I tried to hide it in the office, but that was just not going to happen after someone pressed me for the date in December.  So yummy cake with caramel frosting from Buttercup Bakery was scheduled for the afternoon (and I thought there really DID need to be a portfolio company meeting!).  They know what I like, it has walnuts, apples and cinnamon…was like carrot cake!

This made me laugh.  We are now big fans of Portlandia (Fred and Carrie face the same technology issues I do, too!).  So this card from M was designed and printed on antique letterpress.   Put by hand into the press.  It’s probably organic, too.  But organic from Portland, obviously (not Seattle).

Oh, and what is this?  A gift card to sprinkles to keep the sweets coming 🙂  Now if I only didn’t have that gross cough all day….

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