Christmas Sweets: Stollen

Wow, has it been a week since my last post?  It’s been busy.  But that hasn’t stopped me from eating.  And eating more.  And anything tasty that only comes out around Christmas time.  I started off the day with a Marzipan glazed doughnut (in the shape of a star!).  And ended the day with Marzipan stollen.  It must be the Eastern European in me.  I like this cake, I like poppy seed rolls, I like it all.

I bought this to bring home with me at Christmas because my mom put in a request for the one a got her last year.  This is a different brand as the other one came from a store that went out of business.  It’s been here a week now, and after she told me she found one, we decided to eat this one.  And if it was good, I’d get another to bring home.

Stollen is a bread/cake like baked good, traditionally a German thing.  Usually covered in powdered sugar, and studded with raisins and fruit.  This one tasted a lot like panettone (which I ate a ton of last year).  I have to give it a thumbs up.  The marzipan in the middle was a little treat.

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