Book Club: One Day

Book club.  And Katie was our host for our book, One Day.  I read the book, but didn’t have a chance to watch the movie before we met.  I can’t say I’m so happy with the surprise towards the end (none of us were).  So now I want to see the movie to see how it’s portrayed on the big screen.  But it’s a very quick and engaging read if you need something that moves quickly over your holiday break.

Of course we had wine.  Katie’s off to Patagonia later this month, so something from Chile worked well.

And our macaroni cheese bites.  I need the recipe for these.  Bite size mac and cheese?

And we can’t end the evening without dessert.  Brownies are my hands down favorite dessert.

And in case you want to follow our club, check out September and November.

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